Monday, January 26, 2009

After far too long, I've updated the links on the left side of the page. I am probably missing some people, so please feel free to let me know if someone should be there and isn't!

Photography: If you're not looking at the Astronomy Picture of the Day regularly, you should. Here's an example from two weeks ago. Wow.

Music: Even Sonic Youth is on Twitter now, giving out tidbits on the newest recording! Also, I always wondered if the music Schroeder was playing in Peanuts strips was actual Beethoven, and it turns out that it was indeed. Charles Schulz was pretty amazing.

Art: The man behind the Obama HOPE poster (also the man behind the OBEY posters of earlier times) is interviewed. He plans to keep creating art, which is nice to hear. Also, Poesy Galore has a neat post on alphabet books of yesteryear. I've been getting interested in alphabet books since my friends and relatives have started having kids; I sent Charley Harper's to someone just recently.

Everyone with a website has some odd story about the search terms people use to land on their pages; recently someone got to Folderol by looking for something on robot hamsters. (?) The artists at Satisfactory Comics have taken this as a challenge and produce an occasional series called Doodle Penance in which they draw what the searcher wanted to see. This is a brilliant idea. I am now tempted to make up links about robot hamsters.

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Anonymous said...

I had seen that Shepard Fairey had done the Obama picture/stickers.

It caused a lot of debate in Street Art forums as to whether street artists were "selling out" by participating in mainstream politics.

It's a great image and has become a signature of the campaign.

I'm happy to have snagged a poorly adhered original sticker from a street sign in Wicker Park, Chicago right around the time of the Dem Primaries. :)