Thursday, January 22, 2009

From an archivist's perspective, it's incredibly encouraging that one of President Obama's first actions was to revoke Bush's executive order restraining public access to presidential records. Hooray!

The Obama administration is also trying to deal with antiquated technology in the White House; it's been compared to "going from an X-Box to an Atari." (Thanks, Cassandra!) Speaking of technology, Library Alchemy had a lovely post recently about the importance of "technology with heart."

It turns out that 2009 is not just the Year of Astronomy, it's the Year of Science, and for good reason -- there are many milestone anniversaries this year.

From did you know there was a U.S. Avian Hazard Avoidance System? There is!

Somehow I missed signing up for the Library Link of the Day. That's been remedied.

And finally, in localized library news, Cleveland libraries are leading the way in lending electronically published materials. I have to admit that the idea of a Kindle is becoming more appealing to me.

Tomorrow: links from others!

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bjkeefe said...

I've been semi-craving a Kindle for a while now. I've been put off partly by the price, but also by the distaste for having to buy each ebook. Back when the Kindle was announced, I wished they'd figure out a way to lend ebooks. This story about the Cleveland library system is very encouraging.