Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Geeky steampunk types, take note: doesn't this Gallifreyan wall from The Invasion of Time look awfully, well, steampunk? (I saw this episode over the weekend. Yes, I am a geek.)

I've mentioned both Lisa Snellings and Jessica Joslin before, but they both have new and wonderful stuff to share, with Lisa's inquisitive begoggled poppets and Jessica's current exhibition in California. Go look!

A word of caution to anyone experimenting with making steampunk jewelry and art: you may want to check for radium. Seriously. This is not one look we want to bring back.

There seems to be a growing emphasis on local over global lately, with the economy and all, and one odd result is the growth of local currencies. I saw this on WorldChanging and was startled to find that the featured currency is from the Berkshires, and I really should have known about this since I'm out there to see my family every so often. (The currency is pretty, too!)

From the depths of Improbable Art, which is always entertaining, rises the Televisor Museum International. It's been around for a while, but is perfectly Teslian in its web design and needs appreciation from the masses!


Anonymous said...

Re: http://www.berkshares.org/index.htm

Do you realize you live an enchanted life?

Jinnet said...

it's not too late to run away and become psychics! ;)

Anonymous said...

True, true, no argument here.

However, I was referring to the “running off to the Berkshires every July" aspect of your enchanted life.

In addition, the puzzle - not just any puzzle mind you but a 3-D NORMAN ROCKWELL PUZZLE - with your mother’s old home place featured. Wow. That is an enchanted life, Jinnet.

You are right, though; running away to open our psychic and animal whisperer shop would make your life, and mine, even more magical. Heavy, heavy sigh…