Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Special Collections materials at the University of Iowa are okay, thanks to some intrepid staff and volunteers. There's a much bigger look of the flood's effect on the campus, too.

The OED has added a few new words. Apparently "subprime" was not an official word until recently!

The Huffington Post is expanding into local markets, and they want to hire local reporters! There's something you don't hear too often these days in the journalism world. Meanwhile, some enterprising British teens have discovered a great use for Web 2.0: finding local swimming pools and organizing spontaneous parties there. (The owners of the pools are not too thrilled.)

News from the archives world: the BBC is planning to put all its shows online. I thought I'd mentioned this before and checked - I did, over a year ago. Let's hope they keep moving forward!

And lastly, something for the law librarians: how do you reconcile your own ethics with the ethics of your employer? Being a bleeding-heart liberal hippie type in a pretty big firm, I struggle with this every so often. I don't have any brilliant answers, but I'm glad to know others out there think about this sort of thing, too.

Tomorrow: links from others!

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Anonymous said...

I remember when we worked together at an evil empire firm (walking the hallways I always expected to bump into Imperial Stormtroopers). Once, the attorneys were fighting to lower the monthly food stipend awarded to an employee of a client. The employee had been horribly injured on the job, beams and molten steel.

Because of this, he was forever confined to a wheelchair. Plus, his throat suffered terrible scarring so he could not eat solid foods. The solicitors asked me to research the average monthly cost of food per household, as they hoped to save their client $50.00 per month. I said as they were leaving for lunch, “Enjoy your lunch! I know he won’t be. Make sure to think about Mr. Liquid Diet Man while you eat, ok?” They’d laugh and I’m sure they hated me, but, that is my way of handling the absurdity of their conspicuous avarice.

But, if that doesn't work for you, try keeping a flask in your drawer. That helps, too!