Monday, June 16, 2008

Fun with Wordle! This is a typical page on Folderol; you can click on the image to see more detail. Create your own!
(Thanks to Dawnowar, who found this originally - I have swiped it from her!)

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the pride parade yesterday! Some photos are up on Flickr; the Club Creatures will probably have some up soon as well.

Fans of Edward Gorey, take note: the Edward Gorey House is open for the summer!

What do writers eat and drink? Several British writers are polled and the results are published.

A sculpture of Hadrian has been mismatched for a century, with the head on the wrong body! Oops!

And finally, if you want to know where all the artists are, the NEA has a new PDF report detailing which states and cities have the most artists. Unsurprisingly, New York City and Los Angeles top the list, but there are some other interesting places on the list.

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Dawn said...

Can't take credit for finding that. It's one of those things that the Tumblrs all went crazy for. But yeah its awesome!