Thursday, June 05, 2008

Librarians are depressed because libraries are doomed and we're all gonna die. Well, sort of, according to a recent survey. (See also: print journalists. I have a genius for picking college majors!)

On a more cheerful note, here's a reminder of why books (and, by extension, libraries) are so wonderful. More wonderfulness from libraries: Toronto's public libraries are installing "KidsSpots" which emphasize interactive play and education. I tried to find something about these on the library's website, but they don't appear to have anything up yet.

Amnesty International's report for 2008 is up. Sobering reading, it is.

For the law librarians: most of the big legal firms are getting involved with LinkedIn, and there's a lot of information out there for researchers (or for networking!).

And finally, here's a discussion topic: which books are considered unfilmmable? Most of Joyce's novels are on there, of course, and Pynchon's. Lovecraft's used to be on the list, I think, but technological advances seem to be lessening the difficulty of portraying the unspeakable!

Tomorrow: links from others! Thanks, everyone.

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Bill Herald said...

Librarianship is demoralizing. I’ve seen teen Wiccan programs cancelled because Bible thumpers felt it degraded the morality of our children and community. I’ve seen book orders cancelled because a handful thought the content questionable. I’ve checked in books with bodily fluids used to glue pages together. I’ve watched library administrators choose not to fill essential positions due to budget cuts, but at the same time elect to extend library hours, slurping the marrow from the bones of existing workers. I’ve seen unabashed sexism in a field comprised mostly of women.

It’s as if being a librarian exposes you, daily, to the horrors of our society without the gift of counterbalance, it seems to withhold the good. Perhaps, it is that way in most sectors? I hope not.