Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hi there. Yesterday ended up being an unexpected day off from the weblog, but we are back today with twice the links!

Is Italian cinema poised to make a grand comeback? The Italians seem to think so. Meanwhile, we're making Barbies from old Hitchcock movies. (Love the crows, though!)

Chicago's Millennium Park will host two temporary structures this summer from architects Zaha Hadid and Ben van Burkel. Summer pavilions are a neat concept.

I use semicolons way too frequently. However, I can now argue that I'm just doing my part to keep this particular punctuation mark alive!

How popular is steampunk these days among the DIY crowd? Just take a look at the results for "steampunk" on Instructables. Awesome. There's even a first volume of steampunky fonts out there now!

Mechanicrawl takes place July 12 in San Francisco. Go, crawl, and learn.

Recent arrivals: check out the Anachronaughts Guild as they gear up to celebrate Tesla's birthday, and join me in waiting with bated breath for the Airship Academy shirts at Got-Steam.

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