Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We start with steampunk-related links from others! Whee! Thanks, everyone!

From Danny: the work of Art Donovan (who, serendipitously, left a message over on the Steampunk Librarian last week) and some gorgeous imagery from Sergey Skachkov. Danny reports that he found these through playing PMOG, which we've talked about here before, but haven't investigated first-hand....yet!

From Jase: behold, here is a beautiful rolling library ladder from 1890, a mere snip at $35,000. (I can't even imagine.) More information is on the item's (PDF) page.

For slightly less expensive steampunky works of art, the crafter known as burrowburrow has some fantastic creatures for sale - the ram and the antelope are especially great, and now there's a jellyfish as well!

Still in the concept stage: a lovely pocketwatch/personal assistant thingamabob. I admit, I'd get one.

I almost never wish I was a kid again (I liked life a lot better as I got older!), but it would almost be worth going back in time to high school if it meant I could participate in the Shared Worlds program at Wofford College this summer. On the faculty is Jeff VanderMeer, who was last mentioned here autographing steampunk anthologies and drawing blimps.

Speaking of time, the neo-victorians are fascinated with it. If you, too, wish you had a time machine, you can dive into this article from Scientific American about the nature of time, and the possibility of it acting differently in other universes.

Weta makes amazing rayguns, among other amazing things, and now you can actually visit them in their natural habitat at Weta Cave in New Zealand.

And finally...steampunk goths have officially arrived. What more to say?

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Bill Herald said...

Thanks for posting the article regarding time. The author writes that we only remember the past, not the future.

I read once, however, that déjà vu is remembering the future. As one who often experiences déjà vu, I love that definition.