Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sorry for the no-show on Monday; annoying adventures in home ownership resulted in me not being online very much yesterday! So today we're doing a two-for-one entry.

If you're not voting in a primary today but still want to participate, you can create your own folded representation of a candidate out of paper. Then you can run around with it and get into complicated political discussions.

More links for the arty: Melissa Forman's beautiful paintings recall portraits of the past, while the Smithsonian Art Museum has a Flash game that lets you into the museum at midnight!

Moving on toward things of a steampunk nature...thanks to our (much appreciated!) UK correspondent Julie, we have additional Telectroscope information! There are tiny "minumentals" available for purchase, as well as souvenir boxes. Also, there's a weblog documenting the experience!

If you've got the sort of money to spend on minumentals, you might very well be interested in Datamancer's auction for his amazing monitor.

If you're trying to answer the question "so what's this steampunk stuff all about, anyway?" from various people, you can direct them to this 25-page illustrated article on the idea! It may not answer their questions, but at least it'll keep them busy for a while.

For those of us who love Mateusz Skutnik's Flash games, it's an exciting time, for Daymare Town 2 is out and available to play! This one even has hot air balloons!

And finally, for the wealthy interior designers among us (?), the room divider and sticker options at dVider have great potential. There are jellyfish designs for your Nautilus theme! And ironwork designs for your Victorian study! And trains for, um, whatever you like!

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