Thursday, June 12, 2008

Did you know that libraries need to reinvent themselves for the 21st century? Of course you do; there have been articles harping on this for over a decade. The latest one, however, takes a more optimistic tack than the usual.

Meanwhile, you can now use Bkkeepr as a virtual bookmark. It's akin to Twitter for compulsive readers. Sort of.

Fun with things resembling books: this furniture is a great idea for the children's section of a library (I would have loved one of these in Montessori school, too), and CoverPop makes virtual art of book covers. The one for mystery books is especially cool.

Fun with museums: the Library of Congress helps you keep up with current events with their Places in the News website, while the Field Museum in Chicago has what looks like an abolutely amazing exhibit on mythical creatures.

Tomorrow: links from others!

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