Friday, June 13, 2008

Today: links from others, the all-female edition!

From Holly: you can now personalize M&Ms with photographs. Both she and I think this will be rather difficult to pull off, but hey, who knows.

From Cassandra: monkeys are learning how to fish, the dynamics of gay marriage can shine some light on gender issues, and - gasp! - girls are just as good at math as boys.

Swiped from various places around the web this week: Urban Prankster is my new favorite website (I think my current favorite prank is the San Diego "do not push this button" event), and the Obama campaign has started a "Fight the Smears" page which lists, and then refutes, the increasingly bizarre claims of some right-wingers.

Also from Cassandra: a treasure trove of documentary films, the 50 worst sex scenes in cinema (your opinion may vary), the reimagining of Strawberry Shortcake and other animated characters (neither Cassandra nor I was ever keen on Strawberry Shortcake, but this new teenage version of her is downright bizarre), and what your day of birth says about you.

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! The Spooky Librarians are going to be participating in both the 48 Hour Film Festival and the local pride parade over the next few days, so it's going to be hectic, but we should be back on Monday. See you then!

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