Monday, April 07, 2008

Why haven't I heard of Powerpoint Karaoke until today? We'll have to try this out sometime.

Cassandra remembers the films of Charlton Heston. They were definitely influential films on us youngsters, regardless of his eventual politicking.

Last week, I talked about the UNIMA puppet festival. This week, there are photos! I love the gecko puppet.

A local art announcement: Jase's "Rock n' Rollergirls" photos are on exhibit at the Southgate House art gallery this month - go and see them!

Luminous Media presents the 21st century version of neon signs. They look very cool.

I love the idea of sidewalk psychiatry. I hope it spreads to other cities!

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bjkeefe said...

I love the idea of sidewalk psychiatry.

Big fan of Lucy Van Pelt, are you? Those sidewalks need slots for nickels, I say.