Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Not only is it National Library Week (more about that on Thursday), today is National Library Workers Day! Buy your favorite librarian a drink. Thanks to Cassandra for the reminder.

I think that these Retropolis shirts should appeal to anyone, steampunk fan or not. There's even a shirt for the environmentalists (aka the Civilian Conservation Corps) and the the feminists (aka the Ladies World Domination Society).

The genius behind the steampunked Justice League turned his attention to Star Wars. The stormtroopers look amazing, and I covet Princess Leia's outfit.

Thanks to Nathan Myhrvold, Charles Babbage's second (yes, second!) Difference Engine has finally become a real, tangible object 150 years after its conception. Very cool.

Soon, the UK will have new coins, and they look very nifty and neo-victorian! I absolutely love that they can be configured to form a composite image.

And finally, those of you who remember me babbling about a steampunk anthology arriving on my doorstep last week will be interested in the discount offer the editors are making - the full announcement is over at the Steampunk Librarian.

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Bill Herald said...

No one will buy us drinks. Librarianship is truly thankless.

Therefore, we must go forth and buy ourselves drinks!

I'll drink to that. Any excuse, reason, event, or occasion to share adult beverages!