Tuesday, April 08, 2008

If you have ever considered starting up a weblog or a website for something that particularly interests you, and then thought that perhaps it wasn't worth the effort, I offer a reason to go on and do it: you may just end up with something really cool arriving in the mail...like, say, an advance reader copy of a steampunk anthology! Many thanks, Matt! (Also, if anyone out there is looking for a good PR guy, Matt is available.)

Jess Nevins writes one of the stories in the anthology, and if the name sounds familiar, that's because Jess is also the author of the unofficial guides to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen publications, along with several other works. (Jess is also a librarian. See, librarians rock.)

Now that absinthe is legal in the U.S., the sky is the limit. Absinthe lollipops? Sure, why not?

A current problem crying out for a steampunky solution: the London Tube needs a better cooling system. I had no idea that it heats the surrounding earth so much.

And lastly, via the always-great Brass Goggles: a game titled "Dirk Valentine and the Fortress of Steam." I tried it out and ended up slinging chains all over the place, which looked cool but were not terribly efficient; I'll give it another go soon!

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OddAngelCharon said...


I've totally been reading you this whole time on The Steampunk Librarian and never knew it was you!

Small world and great minds and all of that.

You rock! I'm so glad we're back in contact!