Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's library day here on Folderol, and also Earth Day/Week, so what better combination is there than a public library made from local timber and stone? It's in Colombia, and it's beautiful. Second Rotation is another environmentally friendly business - you can recycle your old electronics, and even get back some money for your efforts. And if you're involved in education or libraries, you might be interested in Room to Read, which helps children around the world by partnering with communities to build schools and libraries.

A new Flickr group offers its photos for free use! Hooray!

A UK library has been offering their "check out a person" program for a few years now, in an effort to debunk stereotypical thinking (the various people who serve as "books" represent the disabled, the immigrant, the gay/lesbian, etc.). One man participated in the program writes about his experience. It sounds interesting, if slightly dangerous.

Steven Cohen has a neat post which points out how much librarians can do in the corporate world. It's all true, too! Consider us for your company's needs!

The Harvard Project on the Soviet Social System Online compiles a truly mind-boggling amount of information on the Soviet era, and it's in English to boot.

Tomorrow: links from others!

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