Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It's travel day, and spooky day for those of us not traveling.

If you're on the road this weekend, there are all sorts of things to see. In New York City, it's the weekend of the Coffee and Tea Festival! Farther east, the Finns go for the stronger drinks with the Helsinki Beer Festival (I am listing this primarily because one of the bands playing there is called the "Flaming Sideburns," which I think is hilarious). The serious athletes will be at the Dead Sea Marathon, and the serious eaters can head to South Carolina for the annual World Grits Festival.

Meanwhile, for the spooky and the homebound, check out Madame Talbot's site for several hours' worth of fascinating stuff. No, really, you will spend hours there. It's wonderful.

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Bill Herald said...

Why can't we go to NYC this weekend? Why?