Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's a mystical sort of weekend coming up, depending on your faith and location, with Beltane and May Day and Walpurgis and Ascension Day all happening on more or less the same day. Spring is here!

Spring is also here because the Great Steamboat Race is going on this weekend, as is the amazing Maker Faire (which I am going to miss again, sadly) and the Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race. I think the Spooky Librarians should make a documentary about all the weird vehicular/sculptural races that take place each summer. Do you think we could get a grant?

I don't think Padre Pio's recent exhumation has anything to do with the holidays or the festivals, but you never know. His skull was in bad shape, so it's been replaced by a waxen facsimile. (Another option: a chocolate skull. But that would probably melt too fast. Best to stick with Tussaud's contribution.)

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