Wednesday, April 02, 2008

We begin with an administrative announcement of sorts: You can now keep up with Meet Cleaver Theatre through the wonder of Blip TV! We put up Subatomic episodes every week, more or less, so there's always something to watch. Go, subscribe, and be entertained.

Now for the spooky links! Did you know that there's a huge shipwreck with millions in treasure at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean? Well, a recent court ruling has deemed it okay that you not know where it is. Pah! (Spain, in particular, is ticked off. Doubloons are difficult to come by these days.)

Meanwhile, Jedi masters are being attacked unexpectedly in British gardens by Darth Vader lookalikes! The nerve of those Sith!

The Black Vault is a repository for all conspiracy/paranormal/odd happenings; you can find yourself spending hours there. No word yet on this new Sith-Jedi conflict, however.

The enemy of the Black Vault: Captain Disillusion! This is a great series which debunks UFO sightings, ghosts, and other phenomena that digital special effects can so persuasively create.

I'm not sure what Captain Disillusion or the Black Vault would make of street animals made from plastic bags. They're surprisingly cute, though.

The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is an amazing gallery and space for contemplation, with the mystical art of Alex Grey. (I have to admit that if I lived in NYC, I'd be there all the time!)

More spookily beautiful art: the work of Alexander Jansson. I am seriously considering buying these prints when they're available.

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