Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A leftover from yesterday: if you're in England right now, you could go and frolic at Blenheim Palace and play Victorian games! Sounds like a nice spring day to me.

Other events you could see this weekend include the North Carolina Gold Festival (who knew there was gold in North Carolina?) and the Rotary River Rally in Tempe, where participants make cardboard boats and then see how long they last.

The powers that be are thinking of turning New York City's famed psychiatric Bellevue hospital into a hotel. Then it could be a haunted hotel! Think of the marketing possibilities!

Also, a new archaeological dig at Stonehenge has some people theorizing that the structure was rehabbed by the Romans. (Best quote: "Were the Romans rather like English Heritage, people who abhor untidiness, and when they came to Stonehenge, they found a somewhat decrepit monument in need of tender loving care, and said: Oh these wretched druids, they never look after their ancient monuments properly – we had better send along a gang to tidy it up and pay due respects to whatever gods were originally worshipped there?")

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