Friday, April 25, 2008

Today is Links from Others Day, and first off, Cassandra has a great contribution on Christian comedians and also one on calculating your psychic and destiny numbers (I am 7 and 9, respectively).

Then I found this via Jere, and think it's worth spreading the word:

Go and learn, and I will be back next week. Have a spiffy weekend, everyone (and psst, congrats, Holly!).


Anonymous said...

Mine are 4 and 8. Kinda cool, because I've always considered by lucky # 4... I'm now 35 YO, so maybe I should now start using 8? :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, now I need to double check... I think I was born near dawn, so I might be 3 & 7.

Also wondering if you have to go with the time in India vs local. In western astrology you have to account for time changes.

I guess since it is "dawn" it would be sun rise local time...