Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Today's moment of brilliance comes to you by way of the Algorithm March, which you must go watch now. It's from a Japanese children's show called Pythagoras Switch, which focuses on patterns and Rube Goldberg devices and is, simply, awesome.

Meanwhile, over here in America, we have flavored tap water and we're freaking out about wifi. Um. I think I see the problem.

I'm not sure if these carpet skates originated in Japan or the U.S., but the detail pictures are ninja-like and make the product look like oodles of fun.

Jaiku: a competitor to Twitter. Discuss.


Grey said...

Thank you for linking to my site.


Dawn said...

I checked out Jaiku being led to believe its somewhere inbetween twitter and tumblr but I forgot to log back in again after I signed up.