Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This just in from Cassandra: the European Space Agency is looking for volunteers to simulate a mission to Mars. We are considering posing as Europeans to get the gig.

For the more Earthbound (well, somewhat), the FlugTag is happening in Nashville this weekend! Go and see homemade aircraft crash to the ground! It'll be fun! There will also be lots of Red Bull around, apparently, so even if you don't get airborne you might at least get a caffeine buzz.

Strangemaps has a nifty little map up that compares the GDP of U.S. states to those of other countries. My state is Australia. Woohoo! (Bigger, clearer view of map image here.)

Respectance is a newer way to pay tribute to those who have died. I expect a lot more of these will show up as more and more people get online.

And for the spooky among us: a well-done Flash version of Dante's Inferno. Even the intro (and I usually skip over Flash intros if possible) is cool.

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