Thursday, June 28, 2007

Interesting news: the Internet Archive is now an official library!

Here's something Bunny will like: a recommendation that librarians play more video games. Woo! I bet a lot of Generation X librarians will go along with that.

Speaking of Gen X, a lot of us grew up reading Nancy Drew. The University of Iowa has a great digital exhibit on Mildred Wirt Benson, who was the main author for many years behind the Carolyn Keene pseudonym. Good stuff.

If you've ever wondered about the secret lives of law librarians, here's a glimpse. (PDF file, be warned.) I was a little surprised at how many hobbies/activities I share with my ilk.

If you're not a librarian but like to organize your personal library as if you are one, Lifehacker has some excellent tips (and the comments on the post have even more). Spooky librarian confession time: we have next to no organization for our books at home, other than the most general of categories. Maybe this will change when we get more bookshelves. I'd love to get cool arty ones like these Tangram creations, but I think we need something a little more practical. And bigger.

Tomorrow: links from others!

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Anonymous said...

Should we publish our secrets? (teehee)