Monday, June 04, 2007

If it's Monday, it must mean art links...

Music: there's a new subgenre of weblogs popping up which examine a band's work, song by song. Some are nothing more than "I remember when I first heard this song and it's cool;" others dig deeper into what the songs are about lyrically and musically. One Imaginary Blog lives among the latter, and focuses on The Cure. It's just getting started, so hop along for the ride.

Cinema: speaking of the Cure, I saw Gypsy 83 last night with the Club Creatures and Dawnowar. It's partly a roadtrip movie, partly a Pretty in Pink weirdos-versus-the-preppies story, and follows two young people trying to get out of Ohio to make it to New York City. Oh, and there's an Amish guy thrown in. And a lot of Cure, Siouxsie and Bauhaus. ("This hits a little too close to home" was said several times over the course of the film!)

Art: Joseph Cornell is a new discovery. Also, there's now a Frank Frazetta museum in Pennsylvania! There's also a virtual Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies that welcomes contributors.

And lastly, for those who think Twitter is too fast-paced and like letters better: Dawdlr.

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Jon said...

Hello! Thanks so much for noticing my little, imaginary blog. I'm fairly new to the rather nascent form of blogging that is "oeuvreblogging," but I can already say that it's been an enjoyable, even exciting, romp through music-geekery. I'm really looking forward to starting discussions/arguments over The Cure's catalog, and, of course, to exploring this fine site. :-) Thanks, again!