Monday, June 11, 2007

Here's an odd sidenote to the ongoing "internet will destroy books" argument: we're publishing more books than ever. Huh.

Artsjournal, home of many good weblogs, now has one called Flyover specifically devoted to those of us not on the coasts.

I'm a sucker for anything even marginally resembling a World's Fair. The always-fantastic Bibliodyssey has some sketches and prints from Seattle's Century 21 Exposition. (MST3K fans may remember a short from this same exposition, detailing how one day we'd have push button phones and call forwarding.)

Bibilodyssey also pointed me to the wonderful works of Sergey Tyukanov. Wow.

The BBC is running a series on the British Museum that looks fabulous. Hopefully it'll air on the other side of the pond sometime soon.

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Dawn said...

Home taping never killed music either