Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Man, and they thought Meet Cleaver Theatre would never change anyone's life. They were WRONG! Witness this lovely tattoo based on our show's logo, sent to us from someone on MySpace who apparently watches the show, or has seen us on YouTube, or at a convention, and has been swept up in the madness. Woo!

And look, another SpookyLibrarians announcement! Just in time to rescue you from the upcoming summer doldrums, we've started something new. Bartertown will go on throughout the summer. See something you like? Have something to trade? Go and have a look! We have a lot more to add to the list, so keep checking back. There's something for everyone. I bet.

Incidentally, today you are supposed to blog like it's the end of the world, for the zombies are coming and we're all gonna die. Obviously I am not following proper protocol today. I did, however, find out today that they're closing Antioch, so I feel like it's the end of the world, at least. (Seriously, this is terrible.) Even the superheroes are no help these days, now that they've been busted for steroid use. Only Bartertown can save us now.

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Anonymous said...

OH! Re Bartertown, To Ride a Silver Broomstick is a MUST HAVE. Let! me! tell! you! Comparing moonlight to the milk of the tete of Mother Earth was poetry. Pure Poetry! Back off, all you wanna be witches! That book is MINE!

Re: your other links. I so wish the zombies were coming. As Antioch is closing and there is no hope.