Monday, June 25, 2007

Today is the usual Monday mishmash of art, music and words.

Art: The Global Cities exhibition at the Tate looks really interesting (then again, I seem to find almost every exhibition at the Tate interesting). Speaking of cities, the fountains of Rome have gone dry - not due to global warming (yet, anyway), but due to some unfortunate worker ruining the aqueduct. Oops.

Music: tomorrow will be a day of silence for many net radio stations, as a warning of what may happen if costs keep rising and they're forced to shut down. Meanwhile, the International Music Score Library Project continues to grow (it's ok to look at music online, just not to hear it!), and the Really Terrible Orchestra is, well, really terrible, but in an entertaining way.

Words: So, like, is it not cool to have a big vocabulary these days? (Apparently not, according to this article.)

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Anonymous said...

So, like, instead of having a big vocabulary could we have a colorful/salty vocabulary and still be cool?