Monday, June 18, 2007

RIP, Charley Harper. I love his art.

More art-related links: watch how Western women have been depicted in paintings over the last 500 years. For more modern pop culture, the Wicked Crispy weblog features some super-cute renditions of heroes, monsters and the like.

Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVO is an artist as well, and has a whole oeuvre of postcard diaries. Who knew? In other music news, AOL has a list of the 77 best uses of pop songs in movies. I have many bones to pick with this list. (For one thing, "In Your Eyes" should be much higher. And there are a huge number of missing songs/movies!)

In literature news, even Geoffrey Chaucer is getting into the LOLcats meme, and has put his Canterbury Tales characters in the new format.

Another instance of classic literature meeting new technology: Twitterlit. Guess the book!

And finally, the Telegraph ran a contest to see who could combine the most infuriating phrases into a few paragraphs. (As an aside, I've been mentally compiling a list of annoying phrases used during baseball game broadcasts. Granted, our team is lousy this year and there's not much to talk about...)

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Anonymous said...

Re: Women in paintings. So, could one logically deduct, from these paintings, that beauty is a social construct?