Thursday, June 07, 2007

Compact shelving can be fun, especially when it's set to music!

A "Pimp My Bookcart" contest at a library is offending people. Sheesh.

Found via Librarians' Index to the Internet: a guide to the robes you see at college graduation ceremonies.

Found via Research Buzz: the fantastic Cinema Treasures! By the way, drive-in theaters may be making a comeback; one just opened in California.

Everybody has a niche search engine these days, even the fabric brigade.

Tomorrow: links from others!

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Anonymous said...

You should have seen the robe I was FORCED to wear when I earned my doctorate a few years back. It was this awful red and grey mess (go Bucks!) that made me look like a clown. Horrid. Absolutely horrid.

The perils of grad school.