Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hi there. This post features what would be Monday's links; Tuesday's are on the way as well, and soon we will be back in the moment, so to speak.

It's creepy Easter Bunny season. Relive the trauma of your youth via Sketchy Bunnies!

An auction took place last week, but fortunately the artwork of Skeletor Saves! is still online for viewing. (Full index is here. Not all images are safe for work, probably.)

The highbrow-vs-lowbrow culture issue comes up occasionally when discussing libraries, but wait until the museums sink their teeth in the problem.

Is your favorite skyscraper in the Guardian's top ten list? I love the Chrysler Building, so I was happy.

And finally, if you kick in some money toward the funding of a film about artist Kenny Scharf (headed by his daughter Malia), you'll get some fun extras along with gratitude!

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