Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Friday, everyone!

From Zazoo: An interview with our friend Jojo. See the documentary if you can!

From Bunny: If we had a kid, he/she would most likely do something just like this. And we'd be very proud.

From Cassandra: neuroscience and consciousness. Also, increasingly creepy Mexico news.

Baseball fun: Did you know that Teddy Roosevelt never wins the President races at Washington Nationals baseball games? This is a travesty! Let Teddy Win chronicles the madness. (JFK made an appearance at a recent race!)

And finally, for the gamer in your life: Donkey Kong Jenga. Looks tricky!

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone. See you next week.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

RE: Your imaginary child

You know me, I'd rather pull out my tongue by the roots than be the voice of gloom (haha) but, I'm afraid your child would not do something like that.

See, because it would be your child, it would rebel.So, s/he would have no interest in Star Wars. Instead, s/he would beg to go to church every Sunday, and not just any church, a Missionary Baptist Church, or a
Pentecostal Church.

When s/he graduated from college, s/he would realize her or his dream of becoming one of those therapists who claim that homosexuality is a choice, and she or he will open a clinic to free these misguided homosexuals from their addiction to sin, convert them, make them straight.

You know I'm just kidding. If you had a child s/he would do wonderful and amazing things.