Friday, April 08, 2011

Believe it or not, Folderol has maintained its tiny spot on the World Wide Web for 11 years this week. Eleven years! I can't believe it. Many thanks to everyone who has read, emailed, commented, or spread the word about my goofy daily blatherings. My life is much better for it; I hope it's been able to provide a bit of fun for others as well.

Happy dancing Friday time! Here's a flashmob of Irish dancing in an Australian train station, and here's a love letter to Toronto performed in peppy dance format.

As seen on John Scalzi's Whatever, there's a limited edition Tim Burton/Danny Elfman box set in production that looks beautifully spooky, if awfully spendy. Fortunately there's a website so we can just look at it and listen to bits.

From Bunny, a truly Spooky Librarian link:  "A 'zombie comic' created by an academic librarian to teach basic info literacy to incoming students." (PDF)

Also from Bunny via Travis: new computers are now available in Commodore 64 cases!

From Satori: A cartoon about the new Way Station bar in Brooklyn!

From Julie: music from space, healing a symbolic turtle in Vietnam, monkeys stealing sunglasses in London, and a look back at what people were complaining about in the 14th century. Possibly thieving monkeys, although that's not mentioned in the article.

A big topic of complaint right now in the U.S. is the possibly impending government shutdown. Fortunately, there's a website to tell you whether or not the museums and parks are closed. (Sheesh. Get it together, Washington.)

Have a safe and spiffy weekend, everyone! See you next week.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Folderol!

I appreciate very much your continual willingness to offer your loyal readers an eclectic mix of news and a safe venue to vent.

The realization that your blog has been a constant in my life for 11 years, ELEVEN YEARS, makes me wince, though. The rapid passage of time never ceases to disembowel me and strangle me with my own intestines.

On that happy note, thank you! thank you!! thank you!!!

Danny said...

Yay! :)

Belated congratulations :)

Satori said...

Happy Birthday Folderol!