Tuesday, April 05, 2011

My favorite new read is Sunday Magazine, which explores the New York Times of exactly one hundred years ago. New subway plans in one article, a woman's "experiment station" to automate housework in another -- how can one resist?

Steampunk is not dead, says the Boston Phoenix, as it reports on the Steampunk Industrial Revolution convention which took place over the weekend in New Hampshire. (Also, there are photos!)

Author Gail Carriger lists several wonderful sources for researching steampunk or historical writing.

When the World Cup goes to Qatar, there will be a "cloud" in the sky keeping the people in the stadium cool. A mechanized, remote-controlled cloud, that is. How steampunk does that sound?

And finally, not really steampunk at all but still having to do with the nature of time: Irina Werning recreates old photographs in a truly amazing way, using the same people and places and clothing and...it's jaw-dropping, really.

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