Friday, April 01, 2011

Tor is having fun with April Fool's Day. I'd buy this, wouldn't you?

Also, for more April 1st fun, type "helvetica" into Google today and see what happens.

From the Graveworm: the New York Public Library is going to be the site of something amazing next month, and you can enter a contest to be part of it. (Library and gamer people will not be surprised to discover Jane McGonigal is behind the idea.) I SO wish I could do this!

From Cassandra: Ghost towns, debunking the chupacabras, and (via Chuck) the story of a Wicca TSA agent who got bullied out of her job, from the sounds of it.

From Julie: Reports from inside the Virgin Galactic spaceship! Also, reports from the UK Maker Faire in Newcastle, and the winner of the odd book title prize. I repeat the lead sentence because it's so much fun: "A book advising dentists on how to run their practices Mongolian warlord style wins the Diagram prize for oddest book title of the year."

Speaking of fun, here are gorgeous studio photos of our sword swallowing friends Alex and Charon with their Canadian Hairless cats Brundlefly and Cesare!

Have a spiffy and safe weekend, everyone! See you next week.

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