Monday, April 25, 2011

Even though I am somewhat more interested than the average American in the royal wedding, I scored miserably low on the BBC quiz. I got 1000 points, which puts me at "learned stablehand" status. Well then.

I like working in coffee shops; Bunny needs silence. The Atlantic discusses why he is so weird people work better in specific environments.

Sr. X likes working in outside environments, apparently. Great stuff here.

Brooklynphono is bringing vinyl back! Woot!

And finally, something I linked to long ago but just now rediscovered: Better Myths, a weblog which explains folklore and mythology with a lot of profanity and not much punctuation, to hilarious effect. Right now it's all Arthurian legends and Paradise Lost.


Anonymous said...

Re: The Royal Wedding

You may be more interested than the average American, but I am less interested than the average American. Please GOD! MAKE IT STOP! I do not CARE what type of toilet paper they will be using in the restrooms of the cathedral to wipe the precious, royal asses attending the affair. I DO NOT CARE what brand of emergency backup tampons Kate's entourage will have on hand "just in case..." No embarrassing red stains on the virgin white dress on that day, that's for sure, One can never be too careful.

We are riveted, which surgeon will remove prince charles'hemorrhoids just in time for this, the most special day.

Maybe its the depression talkin; hahabut, I don't think so. Don't you think that marriage is too intimate, personal, and private to share with the entire world? I dunno. It seems to cheapen it somehow.


The idea that her dress will influence the choices of many brides-to-be is kind of sad. Develop your own sense of style for the love of all things good, ya bunch of lemmings. HAHA

Pardon the interruption, we now return to you to your regularly scheduled programming.

B.Easterling said...

I approve & endorse the message above.