Thursday, August 19, 2010

While I haven't personally gotten into the "Day in the Life of a Librarian" movement, today's links are geared toward what it's like for a typical day in the trenches.

On one hand, you may have to put yourself in the shoes of a patron in order to understand what they need most.

On the other hand, like Tim, you might get a box of hate in the mail as part of the job.

Or, on a third hand, if you're a copy editor, you might end up in strange semantic arguments relating to Patrick Stewart's hand positioning.

The good people of Unshelved are having the last ever Pimp My Bookcart contest (well, the last one overseen by them), so go and enter and have a look around!

Tweets Of Old is a great idea for those of us into history and journalism - random snippets from old papers. I sent the one about saucy squirrels to lots of people; all of them responded with a bemused silence. Ha.

I'm catching up on my Awl reading. Here's a post about bookmobiles as "rural filesharing networks." It's true!

Tomorrow: links from others, whee!

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