Thursday, August 12, 2010

I had heard about the book avalanche at Indiana State University, but didn't have a good link to the story until Julie sent me one. Many thanks, Julie! (I looked for a link to the scene from "The Mummy" where this happens, but didn't find it.)

After the cleanup, maybe the library staff can play croquet? (Love the title for the tournament. It's The Masters of Library Science. Hee!)

Steve Martin is honored by the New York Public Library! So is Ethan Hawke. That's a strange combination.

Genealogists know the aggravation of trying to do research in states where county boundaries are always changing. The Newberry Library has the answer: an Atlas of Historical County Boundaries. I just looked up my own county and apparently it once stretched all the way to what is now eastern Michigan!

Tomorrow: links from others! Also the last chance to enter the contest for a copy of Johannes Cabal The Detective. Stay tuned.

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