Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Okay, it's August, it's hot, everyone hates their jobs, and escapism is today's key concept.

Lonely Planet has a list of wacky museums to visit; the comments include more interesting suggestions. For those brave enough to go outsidfe, there are watermelon festivals in Arkansas and midnight races in Stockholm, while the UK offers up international flying contests and the UK Mobile Phone Throwing Championships. Whee!  For those looking for something more transcendent, Eulogy Magazine has debuted, and features the stuff of life and death to ponder.

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Anonymous said...

RE: Eulogy Magazine

Too cool! I love it. It's a sign! We must have our obituary writing party!

Twice in my life I've thought my death was certain, as a youngin in the hospital and as a teen in the ocean. Maybe that's why publications like this appeal to me so. Thank you so much, Jinnet. Do you realize how much you add to everyone's day?