Thursday, August 05, 2010

Hey, fellow law librarians! Have you seen the new website for the Federal Register? It's thrilling to use something not designed in 1995!

Also for law librarians: the Library of Congress has a new weblog for us, called In Custodia Legis.

In other library news, the Human Library (mentioned several times previously here) has a spiffy website and has gone worldwide.

For public/academic librarians: If you have a copy of Revolutionary Voices in your library, don't get rid of it. (Via Emily at Shelf Check.)

PDFEscape is for users who don't have and/or don't want to deal with Acrobat. (The version of Acrobat I use at work likes to implode around 3 pm every day. I have no idea why. I am considering using PDFEscape in the afternoons as a workaround.)

And finally, something for the spooky and the offbeat! Burlesque Paraphenalia reprints one of the DeMoulin Bros. catalogs, which are fantastic and bizarre and should be (inter)national treasures. The site includes a 24-page excerpt you can download. I think I would love a Ferris Wheel Coaster Goat. (I mean, who wouldn't?)

Tomorrow: links from others!

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