Monday, August 09, 2010

Happy Monday. Today, as per usual for a Monday, we bring you information on art and history!

The Smithsonian has its very own Art-O-Mat now, dispensing art for $5.

As Kodachrome fades into history (what does Paul Simon have to say about this, anyway?), Colorama is enjoying a sort of revival.

Also unexpectedly enjoying a revival of sorts: cassette tapes!  And indie bookstores aren't dead yet, either!

Those of you who know your '80s music may remember Julian Cope. His wife Dorian has a site of her own called On This Deity, which discusses people throughout history whom the mainstream has forgotten. It's absolutely fascinating stuff.

We end with two more intriguing ideas. One is how to design the city soundscape of the future; the other is the new publication AltHisFiction, concentrating on alternate historical fiction and searching out submissions.

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