Thursday, March 04, 2010

Okay, I know I was not paying too much attention to a lot of stuff last month, but how did I miss the penny redesign announcement? A permanent redesign! Of the penny! Where is my mind?

The University of Michigan is, at long last, getting rid of its card catalogs. I do miss the old catalogs, especially when the computers go all wonky.

Other stuff I miss: video arcades! But fear not, there's a movement afoot to preserve the old games, at least. Also preserved: Chicago television broadcasting of yesteryear, thanks to the efforts of

Hooray, Shelf Check is back! You can add your own patron-based acronyms to the list in the latest strip. I think law librarians could make up several appropriate names.

Tomorrow: links from others, hooray!


Jase said...

Speaking of old video games, you can play a bunch of them out in Fairfield.

Jinnet said...

Yes! We've been there! Not for a while, though. We should organize a geek-out expedition or something.