Monday, March 22, 2010

Hi hi, we're back! I owe several people email, and will get on that. For now, it's a catch-up day and that means links from others, sent in over the past week or so -- many thanks, everyone!

From Zazoo: Music video wunderkind Floria Sigismondi wrote and directed the Runaways movie. Whee!

From Julie: a three-dimensional invisibility cloak is now reality, and so is a mechanized dog wash in Japan!

From Cassandra: science owes a lot to youth, ibogaine may actually stop addiction, SETI is still looking for extraterrestial life, and an essay-in-progress over at Reality Sandwich asserts, among other things, that "to put it bluntly, much of our technology is ecologically and spiritually stupid."

Thanks again to all, and please note that the RSS feed has changed! The Feedburner button on the left should subscribe to the new feed. (Progress, it is difficult at times.)

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back! How did I get through the work week without Folderol? Sheesh.

RE: Youth and creativity
Don't you think the emphasis on earning a phd to do research kind of stifles creativity/innovation more than age does? I'm sure there are many factors involved, but a major component has to be that to make it through a program one must conform/adapt to the expectations of the gatekeepers of a chosen field. Generally, most who rise to the top of a profession are those most gifted at conformity. The reality of this might make it difficult for new and different ideas to survive the rigid environment of the establishment.

As they say, the shit floats to the top. (haha)

Re: Technology

No shocker there, as technology mirrors society....I'm just sayin'....