Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Look, a whole list of steampunk recommendations from Library Journal! This is the perfect Steampunk Librarian link!

Vancouver has been in the news a lot for the Olympics, and some lovely things have turned up, such as this collection of vintage ads and this post on the steam clock (powered via the steam tunnels!) in Gastown.

Atlas Obscura, the source of that last link, is celebrating Obscura Day on March 20. Join the festivities! (There is no Ohio group yet; we need to fix that.)

Some gorgeous behind-the-scenes photos show Fritz Lang at work on his films, including Metropolis. The set design is amazing.

Would you like to go to Crawler Town? It's a traveling eco-punk community! With origins in steampunk! Sadly, it only exists in LEGO format. For now, anyway.

The esteemed Steampunk Scholar discusses the various tribes that could (theoretically) make up the steampunk community. The full article is available in PDF. I believe I fall into the "Browncoat Timelord" category myself, which means I am a generalist, but friendly!

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