Friday, March 12, 2010

It is Friday! And what's more, it is the last day before the Spooky Librarians take some time off to clean up the place (both online and in the outside world) and get ready for spring. Postings next week will be erratic, and the layout may change around a bit, but the schedule will go back to normal March 22.

On to the links from others!

From Holly: Squirrels with coconut helmets! We are so tempted to try something similar at our place. Also from Holly, more squirrel goodness in the form of a roller coaster-loving critter.

Zazoo reports that the Club Creatures are going to see Stuffed and Unstrung this weekend, in which Henson puppeteers are let loose to say and do all sorts of outrageous things. I am envious, and think anyone near New York should check it out.

From Cassandra: Why can't we all live off the grid, and become experts on our favorite bugs, and visit ethically friendly places?  Well? Why not?

From Matt Staggs: the most awkward PSAs by our childhood friends. I had no idea She-Ra was concerned about this sort of thing.

And finally, we leave you with a happy video by Noah and the Whale. Have a spiffy weekend, everyone!

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