Monday, March 08, 2010

Happy International Womens Day!

There was a nice tribute to John Hughes by the Brat Pack last night at the Oscars, for you fellow Generation Xers.

Robert T. McCall, NASA artist extraordinaire, has died. His space art lives on, however.

By sheer coincidence, today features two weblogs about drawing monsters. Monsters In Real Places shows you just what it promises, while I Draw Monsters depicts the work of  "creating worlds and the curious beings that inhabit them."

The International Center of Photography has a current exhibit on surrealism in photography, which looks fascinating and beautiful. Also fascinating and beautiful: the serpent originally painted around Queen Elizabeth I's wrist in a portrait. It was replaced with flowers, but as the painting has aged, the serpent is coming through. Sounds like the beginning of a great story, doesn't it?

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