Friday, March 05, 2010

It is Friday! You know what that means: links sent in by others! Many thanks, everyone.

From Julie: the eBay auction for a Derbyshire nuclear bunker ends on Sunday, so act fast!

Also from Julie: the recent earthquake in Chile may have shortened our day by a few microseconds. Would this screw up time travelers? Or spaceships going at warp speed?

From Cassandra: you can take part in a light pollution study which entails looking up at the stars; a dictionary of Old English is in progress, and shows the "violent but charming" nature of the language; and a photograph gallery of India's Holi festival of colors.

From Susan's Facebook: look, book wallpaper! I think some coffeehouse should use this.

As found on Coilhouse, Tokyo's cat cafes are right up my alley. I would like someone to start this in the U.S., please, preferably somewhere close to me!

We end the week with videos. Swiped from Dawnowar: a hilarious parody ad of furniture stores.  Swiped from Glenn at Maniacal Hooting, a video by OK Go which may be the best Rube Goldberg device setup of all time. This is one amazing piece of filmmaking!

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone. See you Monday!

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