Wednesday, March 31, 2010

For a rare moment here, Folderol talks about current religious issues. People of a certain age may remember the Saturday Night Live episode in which Sinead O'Connor ripped up a photo of the Pope. Eighteen years later (yikes), she writes about the current situation in the Irish Catholic Church, and what needs to be done. Slate has an article on the effect of Catholic nuns on the recent healthcare bill, and what the future holds for the convents. And, in perhaps unfortunate timing, the Vatican has debuted a panoramic gallery of the Sistine Chapel online. There's an odd juxtaposition between the beauty and the ugliness of the insitution of religion going on this Holy Week.

Speaking of ancient institutions, a "snack bar" from the days of ancient Pompeii has just reopened! I agree with those who think the place should serve food prepared as it was back then, too.

For the spooky readers: look, the hand of the Demented Whist Player has been stolen!  And for nature lovers (spooky or not), there is the live Owl Cam. Watch Molly the mother owl care for her owlets. While I was watching, she ate a mouse. Yum!

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