Thursday, October 22, 2009

Today seems to be all about the social networking, past and present. Back in the olden days when we had to type uphill and by candlelight, Usenet was the place to be. Then the archives went to Google, and then they sort of...vanished. But now they're returning, thanks to Wired!

I tend to forget about my Twitter account for a week or so at a time, which is why I am terrible at responding to people over there. But there are some great uses for it, like Tweetminster and Historical Tweets!

I am better about Flickr, and the news over there is that you can now tag people (with caveats and considerations). This should be...interesting.

The Merry Librarian wants to hear your crazy library story! We all have them. Share with the group!

Jolkona allows you to see where your donation goes in a detailed way. This is a really neat concept, I think, and I'll be interested to see if other organizations start to emulate it.

Tomorrow: links from others!

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