Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy (early) Halloween, everyone! May your weekend be delightfully spooky. I am selfishly glad I grew up in the freewheeling '70s and '80s; these days, I don't know if I'd be allowed to wear my childhood costumes to school. (I'm sorry, Princess Leia needs a blaster. Joan of Arc needs a sword. Wonder Woman...well, I guess she would be okay still, actually.)

The Whitechapel community has a Halloween video jukebox thread running, which features all sorts of great spooky stuff. If you're not on this forum, you should be -- people talk about comics, art, science, and even provide grammar lessons in the 2d and 3d conditional!

From Nicole: Would you like to decorate your living space to look like it's straight out of Rosemary's Baby? You would? That's kind of strange. But hey, go for it.

From the Graveworm: a huge meteorite crashed in Indonesia earlier this month, with video footage even, and no one in the western media seemed to care very much. Wait till the monsters/aliens/zombies start showing up.

From Cassandra: Amelia Earhart's fate may have been finally discovered. Also, the sociology in Jennifer's Body is discussed; Earth may have stolen the Moon from Mercury; we may read print and onscreen material in different ways; and happy 40th birthday to Sesame Street!

From Julie, big news about the web: domain names will now be allowed in non-Latin alphabets, such as Arabic and Chinese. Wow.

Have a spiffy spooky weekend, everyone! See you Monday.

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