Monday, October 19, 2009

Attention, Generation X: if you like lush, color-saturated paintings, but haven't found any subject matter that interests you, may I suggest the work of Robert Burden? Serpentor and Battle Cat portraits are available!

Good comic fun: Heroes on Facebook. This should be a continuing series, I think. JJ Jameson definitely needs a real-time Facebook news feed.

Bad comic fun: Discovery Kids is going to an all-Hasbro-toy lineup? Really? (Thanks to Bunny for sending this!)

It's playoff season, and the Library of Congress has some great vintage photos in their Baseball Americana set on Flickr.

The Wooster Collective is now on YouTube! Hooray!

Could New Orleans become the center of new architecture? Some people think so...

Lastly, for the Club Creatures: Scouting NY details the places from movies in the city, showing how they look now and how they looked on film. Neat stuff.

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